At Twisthink, we use design, technology and strategy to keep our clients above the green line and thriving in the realm of innovation.

Taking Products Above the Green Line

To rise above the green line, a product must provide the buyer with exceptional value through unique technical capability and dynamic functional design. Creating that value is never easy. But it’s a necessary ingredient for achieving breakthrough status.

Following are just a few examples of the kind of breakthrough thinking Twisthink has been able to provide for its clients. In a few cases, the descriptions are deliberately abstract to protect our clients’ confidentiality wishes:

M2M made more possible than you think

Through all of our experiences with wireless technology and sensor-to-serve applications, Twisthink has developed a very affordable entry level M2M system for data gathering and control. In essence, customers get a micro controller running a free version real time operating system with lots of input and output. It can be configured to do a variety of tasks from talking to the likes of vending machines; taking temperatures; measuring vibrations; taking pictures and more. It can operate on main power or battery pack. It even features a secondary radio for networking with other nearby devices. Best of all, hardware costs are kept to under $200 per application with multiple devices capable of sharing a single Verizon cellular connection in order to minimize operating costs.

Twisthink now offers entry-level M2M technology


Water filtration comes in many forms; an attachment to the faucet, built into a pitcher lid, the core of a sports bottle… In order to surpass the trends Whirlpool came to Twisthink with their high speed water filtration technology and the idea of a water droplet shaped device. Collaborating together, Twisthink and Whirlpool came up with Every Drop; the portable high speed water filter that conveniently fits over whatever container you have in hand. Twisthink worked to design the water droplet with a soft base to house the filtration puck and fit snugly over a glass, water bottle or small container. The Every Drop is also designed so that you can hold it directly under the faucet to filter large quantities of water into containers sitting underneath. The puck filter technology developed by Whirlpool is proven five times faster than other mechanisms, filtering one gallon every two minutes. For outside the home, Twisthink also designed a travel case, so that Every Drop can go wherever you do.

When Every Drop Counts

Let there be light

Having faith in one’s own ideas couldn’t be more demonstrative than LimeLight™, a product Twisthink created and now markets on its own. LimeLight allows parking garage owners to increase profitability with greener, safer, more efficient lighting. It combines high density mesh (HDM) wireless technology and advanced luminaire technology that allows two-way communications to continually monitor and adjust light levels. Parking garage lights can be programmed to follow a given schedule during the day, while reacting immediately to motion sensors at night. For operation, LimeLight provides a web portal through a gateway computer to manage schedules, events and report light output and maintenance issues. The system is so energy efficient, that one garage using LimeLight on the University of Michigan campus lowered its energy costs by 68 percent in the first year.

LimeLight™ provides energy savings for parking garages

Giving warehouses a hand

Crown wanted to shift their pallet trucks from a commodity material handling device, to an innovative one. Engaging Twisthink design and technology skills, a holistic approach to product development created the QuickPick™ remote advance option for its rider pallet lift trucks. By integrating a rechargeable transmitter into a fabric glove, an operator can now remotely advance the truck to the next pick location, while he remains in optimum position to pick out and load the next order. In addition to design and technology, Twisthink also helped Crown with extensive field-testing of prototypes. The ultimate result: wireless technology and a robust multi-function antenna that makes QuickPick an exceptionally safe and effective tool that reduces an operator’s footsteps by 70 percent a day.

Crown QuickPick™ technology provides safe and efficient boost to warehouse productivity

Making a splash

Entrepreneurial startup AvidaSports came to Twisthink with a belief that technology could be used to provide Olympic caliber performance feedback to swimmers of all competitive levels. To turn that belief into reality, in-depth interviews were first conducted with swimmers and coaches to define true product constraints. With that knowledge, the Twisthink team went to work developing an optimized radio network with sub-second data retrieval. The end product: small, rugged, waterproof wristbands that turn arms thrashing in water into signals processed and converted into performance metrics. Easily uploaded onto a computer, and simple to decipher, the metrics help swimmers and their coaches analyze speed, strokes, tempo, distance per stroke and breakout times for clues to improvement.

Swimmers improve training techniques with Twisthink design and technology for AvidaSports

A cooler idea

When it comes to efficient performance, there’s a sweet spot, a certain temperature where internal combustion engines perform at their best. In order to keep an engine at that sweet spot, Twisthink was asked to help control a pump motor so that it could automatically switch between being driven mechanically by belt and being driven electrically by motor. To achieve a breakthrough solution, a sensor-less algorithm was devised for a brushless DC motor that would be controlled for speed and torque determined by the detection of vehicular speed, water temperature, engine temperature, valve positions and other variables. The net benefit is a 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency – not an insignificant savings, especially for large fleets employing this innovative product.

Twisthink brings new innovation to motor control