Unleash your business potential by enlisting Twisthink as a trusted guide through FEI. Discover how our proprietary process for discerning Technical Feasibility, Product Desirability and Financial Viability delivers greater results in a shorter timeline.

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Award Winning Design

Twisthink receives industry recognition for combining design, technology and strategy to create innovative solutions that are changing the way people live, work and heal.

  • IF Product Design Award - Crown Equipment QuickPick Remote
  • IFOY Award - Warehouse Truck of the Year 2014
  • Core77 2014 Strategy & Research - Notable Award Stryker Visual Brand Language
  • IDEA Design Strategy - Finalist Award Stryker Visual Brand Language
  • IDEA Kitchen - Finalist Whirlpool Drop
  • Housewares Design Awards Gold Medal - Whirlpool Drop
  • IDEA Gardens & Patio - Finalist Vela
  • MDEA Critical-Care & Emergency
    Medicine Products Bronze Medal Winner
    - Stryker Isolibrium
  • MDEA General Hospital Devices &
    Therapeutic Products
    - Finalist Stryker IsoGel Air
Crown QuickPick® Remote Whirlpool Everydrop™ Stryker® Vela™
Lime Light by TwistHDM

Smart. Wireless.
Safe. Lighting.

LimeLight makes better use of time and energy to save money, all while supporting a safer, more sustainable lighting system for parking garages, site lighting and flat lots.

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Micro Chip

50 Billion Devices
by 2020

Twisthink has created a new Verizon Wireless Certified Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Development Platform which enables developers in a wide range of markets to make major, cost-effective inroads with M2M applications.

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We believe technology is a key component to long-term strategic growth. Discover how Twisthink harnesses technology to unlock innovation and help Fortune 500 companies stay above the green line.

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Twisthink is a business development & product strategy firm that exists to keep its clients above the green line and thriving in the realm of innovation. Twisthink’s unique approach is driven by the “twisting” together of design, technology and strategy. When combined, these disciplines are a natural catalyst for innovation and solutions that lead to commercial success.